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Emma Pro finally releases a new tune titled “Criminal Love”, a Song filled with so much  Lyrics and Attitude Which he believes you all will Enjoy it.

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I try but couldn’t find…
I cry.. I cry for love..
My heart is broken
My heart is broken

I don’t like the way you…treating me like i’m a slave
You and i we’ve been in love.. why you choose to leave me alone
Shey we vow that we will love and nothing can come in between us…
But heart broken come to play what a tragedy today

This love is criminal give me Hennessy let me sip away my pains
Let me sip away my sorrows

This love is criminal
Yeah… eh… eh… eh..
This love is criminal
Yeah… eh… eh… eh..
This love is criminal

I don’t care what you do or think but i know i need to move
You’ve heard what the people say.. you know they say our love is shallow..
I don’t care of what they say… i know someday you’ll come home begging…
Right on your knees tears in your eyes dripping down that very day..
(2) Repeat Chorus2
Repeat Hook*2

Love is hard to find but its lays within you
Share your bed with me and i will grow to love you..
Time is not on our side.. lets do the need i say so..
La… la… la.. la.. lah Repeat Chorus2
Repeat Hook
I try to amend it..
I try to amend it..
(The end)

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